Sunday, 22 December 2013

Have A Great Christmas & New Year Guys & Gals - If Possible I Will Be Back Next Year

Apologies everyone for the very long silence.  I'm afraid that "life" has got in the way and I've had no time at all for the blog.  I hope to be able to continue with it next year.

Now for the bad news - all the links are permanently dead as Hotfile has been taken down.  Not sure where to go now as I suspect that most of the other file sharing sites that are still left will be going the same way.  I'll see what I can do.  When I come back I'll start with some new uploads and then look at the back files and start to update them.  Hope it won't all be in vain.

Thank you for your emails and kind messages.  All is well and I hope I can come back and share Jimi again with you very soon.

God Bless


  1. Hey Rameses, good to see you back! I wish you and your family a very nice Christmas and a happy new year

  2. Great to hear that everything is ok!

  3. Wow!! I'm glad you're OK. Man I was really getting worried...

  4. Oh PS I don't think Mega will fall.. It's been made bulletproof, because 'you know who' learnt from the last one. Also File factory, and the Dutch one Verzend.Be, but I think Mega is the safest//

  5. Thanks guys for your good wishes. My mum is very frail but still with us - she celebrated her 88th birthday at the beginning of December.

    I think I'll probably go with Mega when I start to upload again. I've moved house again and don't have my Jimi collection with me at the moment so can't upload yet. I do have a File Factory account but they received a DMCA Notice on the only occasion I uploaded a couple of Jimi recordings there so I think I'd prefer Mega - it's also easier to download from there.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone. Will see you in the New Year for much more Jimi.

  6. Great to see you back! I got pretty much everything I wanted in time (except a couple of things which had disappeared earlier), now I'm looking forward to see what else is coming!

  7. Ah.. yes.. sidetracked again.. I have, in lossless, almost every hendrix boot in existence, well, I DO have every studio boot, and maybe a third of all his live ones (not such a big fan of all his live appearances)..
    So, y'want some one to temporarily take over and add material? I don't have much of the FTO material, but have many of the boxes... (Rock of Ages, Voodoo Chile, Purple Haze, many of the Italian and German boot labels)
    Lots of folks are looking for these like Moonbeams and Fairytales, 51st Anniversary, Astroman, Mixdown Masters, the Voodoo chile boxes Studio sessions and Rockin the USA.. and more, etc..
    I mean, there's a whole lot to keep busy till toy get back...
    How about it?

    1. Doc

      Why not set up your own site on the lines you suggested? I'd love to be able to patch up some gaps.

  8. 11/23/14

    Hi there,

    just a f/u from my email to you last year...that one a f/u from the year before...

    1. Will you be continuing the FTO Hendrix?

    2. You may not believe it, but you DO have your fans, like me, who check your page several times weekly, hoping that day will come


  9. Yeah, I do check the blog often. Please let us know if you continue?

  10. me too

    good luck, whatever you do, but I hope you can come back one day.

  11. Hallo Ramese. Still very silent here........

  12. Hi Ramses, i need Maximum Experience, please help bro..

  13. Hope you check your comments at least once in a while. Are you OK? A lot of us were really looking forward to the FTO series. Just haven't shown up as torrents yet...
    What has happened with your mum? Is she OK or passed on? Are YOU OK? Regards from Doc

  14. Hey Rameses,
    another Christmas is nearing and still there is no sign of life on your blog ?
    Anyway, I wish you a very merry Christmas!